We help organizations help deliver on the promise and potential of teamwork because we understand collaboration differently. Organizations of all sizes need to be more agile and collaborative than ever if they’re going to thrive in this complex and volatile world. Most team building programs, though, don’t build the skills and capabilities that are required. That’s where we come in. We'll help you map the journey from ineffective teamwork to the kind of collaboration your organization needs to thrive.



Lessons from Mars challenges the prevailing orthodoxy of corporate team building and offers an alternative framework along with a set of tools and techniques. Based on the author's 20-plus years of experience working with teams and six years of research specifically on Mars teams, the book offers a unique view into this closely-held private company and how it has unlocked the power of collaboration.


" turns out that while women are from Venus, valuable
lessons in corporate management are from Mars, Inc."
Roy Sekoff, Founding Editor, The Huffington Post